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new to tuning could use some advice 1996 f150 5.0

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  • new to tuning could use some advice 1996 f150 5.0

    like the heading says im new to engine tuning and advantageIII and could use some advice. My truck is running okay but my long term fuel trims are 1.24 at idle and my stft are on the money. When i return the truck to stock everything is within spec. i asked my tuner that has been helping me and he said the ltft dont matter just the stft i dont want to be taken advantage of so any input would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to SCT. I t hink your tuner didnt quite explain it the best way. When the vehicle is forced into open loop STFT are what is being used to dial in the fuel trims. LTFT are long term corrections over a period of time where STFT are Immediate changes. just because the LTFT is at 1.24 or being positive does not 'necessarily' mean more fuel than normal is being delivered - but it COULD! Such as in the case of a vacuum leak. It could be dirty - partially clogged injector(s). You can add the STFT + LTFT and make corrections to fuel trims, or just monitor LTFT and see if it get larger or smaller over time.


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      Thanks for your reply! Im waiting on my wideband to show up in the mail so i can verify afr to see if its dialed in correctly. So with me returning it to stock and all the stft and ltft being within spec be kinda like comparing apples to oranges with the new tune having ltfts being off since the parameters are different with the new tune?


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        Depending on what all is changed it the tune will determine how much tuning it may need, if it stock and you are using the SCT tune file it should be pretty close.