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Setting fuel injector delay

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  • Setting fuel injector delay

    Besides trail and error how can I set fuel injector delay and what issue will they fix?

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    What vehicle and what injector size? In your pro racer package the value files provided have been adjusted. if your trying to adjust on your own, Within advantage under fuel injectors you would got to your injector offset which will be voltage based, this determines the open and closing of the injectors by either increasing or decreasing the voltage. Before you start messing with offsets you should dial in the MAF transfer function.


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      2002 lightning built motor heads stage 3 cams
      id1300xds injectors wasn’t able to input the correct bay voltage due to the software limits Have a cold start issue doesn’t idle up and hang idle like it should it just starts and idle drops too low thinking it’s Inj delay related starts perfect when hot with iac at 20-35% idle and good afr spark also around 15idle hot


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        In Advantage under option did you uncheck Min/Max values?


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          That would be under Tools, Options, General, Check Min/Max Value Limits.