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  • E85

    no one seems interested, moderator please delete thx
    Last edited by jbeez; 10-30-2007, 12:04 PM.

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    I am! What do you need?
    Been running it in a 2005 Focus and a 1998 Explorer with nothing more than a PCM Flash. 4 HP gains on the Focus so far with just the fuel swap, figure I'll have more now that the engine isn't at stoich from 4K up!
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      Just trying to do a little research, might run it in my mustang but I wasn't sure how many people had messed with it on the board, seems like not many? lol

      I was interested in maybe becomming an SCT dealer, but its a little discouraging since I can't get a demo copy of the advantage software, and considering I don't do anything like that at all right now, I have no customers, and they want me to do an equipment buy-in and whatever, its like ballpark $8k to get moving on something I can't even mess around with first to see if I like it. Being in IT its natural for me to tinker with things, I just can't do it here, its disapointing, how did you get started?