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LiveLink 4.19 - mostly great, some opportunities

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  • LiveLink 4.19 - mostly great, some opportunities

    SCT Guys:

    Thanks for LiveLink 4.19, works well on my laptop.

    I have a couple suggestions:

    (a) The "Log Configuration" window is not adjustable horizontally and some of the PID descriptions can not be read. Would you please put this on your programmer's list?

    (b) It would be convenient if the configuration file 'remembered' the font settings. I use 8-point so I can see the long parameter names and I have to reset the font every time LiveLink is loaded. Please add this to the programmer's list.

    (c) Here's an old one: DMR "ISC_CORR_N_AC" is still missing. For some reason, the idle control DMR's show up in CRAI8 but the lower case kam0, kam1, kam2, kam3 do not.

    Strategies/calibrations are CRAI8BY / BAI1 and SBAF6ZD / NFC1.

    Thank you!

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    I talked to Ryan about this today but it is missing MAF hz in the GM tuning, other wise everything seems accounted for. -J