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Dreamscience Marketing Statement.

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  • Dreamscience Marketing Statement.

    Hi All

    To save everyone a lot of time, we thought it necessary to clarify the position in Europe and justify the price differential between SCT Europe and SCT USA.

    The difference between the two markets is a change in hardware set up, and mainly the software contained in the units. This software has been created for the European market at a great expense by SCT, CAPA, Dreamscience and other developers. Remember the money you pay for your device includes the fee for its license, the software, development and support.
    The American Xcalibrator 2 is not compatible with the European data base and the DSF3000 is not compatible with the USA data base.
    The money invested in developing the European data base has to be factored in to the overall cost of the DSF units for European calibration files. Since this market is far smaller than the USA, the factor in to each unit is greater, hence the overall higher price. This is an inevitable cost when creating a new data base, which is continuing to be developed to accommodate new calibrations as they are released.

    We are very excited about bringing this new product and data base to Europe and commend SCT for all their efforts in getting this tuning solution finalised and we look forward to serving you.

    The above statement is for marketing clarification and is not intended to invite speculation or discussion.

    All the best
    Jared Apollonios (K.O.R)
    SCT UK Distributor