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  • GM X2 Capabilities

    Does the GM X2 have the capability for the end user to adjust for changes in ties size and/or gear ratio changes?

    Or, does this have to be programmed into the tune by the distributor?

    When with the GM X2 be released for the New Body Style Sierras and Silverados?

    I'm currently debating between the SuperChips Flash Paq and the SCT Xcalibrator 2. I noticed the Flash Paq has the capability to adjust for tire/gear changes.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I don't believe the end user adjustability is available yet. But you can have the changes done at you SCT dealer of course until the update is done. Then you will have the adjustability and the custom tuning options with SCT that you do not have with any other tuner o the market.


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      Mr. Wilson,

      Thanks for the response! That would be great (sending the unit back to the Tuner) if they were local. Mailing it every time you wanted to make a minor adjustment would be a real pain! Is there any plans on adding these features? Seems SuperChips, Diablo, and Edge all have this capability already, so apparently the technology is available.


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        I am sure they have plans to add he features you asked about, but I do not know the status.