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advantage 3 software cost for customers

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  • advantage 3 software cost for customers

    Does anyone know how much the Advantage software costs for customers?

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    End user, or for a shop.

    Currently, our GM software is only available at the dealer level.

    V8bird, I can assume you have a Firebird Formula/Trans Am? What year, to determine support? I have a 1998 WS6 myself.



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      Need that software!!

      I have a 2002 automatic trans AM with following add-ons:

      1. 12 bolt rear axle at 3.42
      2. vortech aftercooled 9psi supercharger.
      3. 3" cat back exhaust with loudmouth 2.

      I need the software since the shop I bought the Excaliber 2 from is putting me off since they do a lot of other business. They fixed my fuel to air ratio OK, but messed up my shift points big time.

      I go to 2nd gear at 3500 RPMS!
      I go to 3rd gear at 4500 RPMS.

      So I am only doing upper 12s in the quarter mile!


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        I'm an end user... sorta. I'd like to help my friend (naturally aspirated 2001 chevy blazer) with some custom tuning along the lines of what I set up on my daily driver using the pro racer package.

        Are you saying it would be required for me to be at least set up as a small business? I can recognize the liability to the SCT brand, such as if I mucked up on something unfamiliar like a forced induction vehicle.

        Since I could understand a requirement for insurance, being bonded or any other protections, I'll say right now that I may be incorporating as an S-Corp or otherwise, getting my tax ID and such, though not sure if that will happen (at all) though I want to tune for friends and such. (d'oh, overly long sentence)
        When you can have cleaner emissions AND more power, why would you do anything else?