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canned tune in x3 for CVPI?

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  • canned tune in x3 for CVPI?

    Will the x3 pickup that I have a police package crownvic instead of a std civillian version and not mess anything up if I go w/ the canned tune?

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    well I just tried it, I get the CEL and the wrench light up, and the car idles a little lower it seems, so I flashed it back to stock :<


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      Read the strategy of the vehicle then post it up. More than likely one of the custom tuners :) can make you a tune for it. To read the strategy go to the diagnostics/dtc menu, down arrow to read/get strategy, write it down and post it up and one of us here will let you know if we can do it.


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        its FCCN5P6 for strategy

        and my x3 has fw: 1.1.109, tune rev 1.0.5

        its a stock crown vic, just the police package model, shouldn't it be supported with the device as is? :(


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          Most of the pre-loaded tunes just cover the common stock vehicles.

          The funny thing is, on my website I sell custom devices for only about $20-$25 more than the pre-loaded devices. However, if you have to go out and get a custom tune later on it costs more. I'm not trying to say "I told you so", but making vehicle owners think about doing their research before buying a product, and figuring out what is best for them.
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            I guess from being on forums I thought the cvpi was a pretty common crown vic, but I guess in the big picture maybe not. My dealer is going to work a tune up for me, I just thought that being a production crown vic from ford maybe there should have been a canned tune in there for it since it lists crown vic on the vehicle list.

            I just rebuilt my stock 95gt to a dart331 w/ a vortech blower, full fuel system, rear end, brake upgrades, full MM suspension, I'm no stranger to researching parts before I buy them, you probably know the amount of parts involved with an overhaul like that, I only got bit on a couple of fuel fittings, but as soon as I saw they weren't going to work I was able to return them so no biggie :D It's not like I'm going to return this x3 because it doesn't have a canned tune, I just think it should at least have a working canned tune since thats what they list as supported, a crown victoria. I'm sure they(sct) and alot of other people will see it differently though.