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X3 upload stock tune issues

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  • X3 upload stock tune issues

    Just curious why the X3 needs to upload the stock tune EVERYTIME I download a new tune into the car?

    I have spoke with James (SCT) and also sent him a PM regarding this issue. The problem is this. I shouldnt have to flash my PCM back to stock tune everytime I want to DL an updated tune from my tuner.

    However, by not taking it back to stock, I start to DL and it says, uploading stock tune (which in reality would be my 92 race tune). Soooo Does that mean my 92race tune has now overwritten my stock tune????

    I guess I just cant imagine there not being any safety software that wouldn't allow this to happen. FYI, my car is a 2008 Mustang GT/CS.

    Off topic, but when will there be a new firmware rev to fix the bugs still lurking within the adustments menus??

    like this for example. I go in and take a peak around at some adjustments. I change one thing to see how it reads and it automatically changes everything else. For the adjustments that didnt show any values, now there is numbers showing.

    ALSO. WHY ON EARTH do you have to save any adjustments made???? Should be able to dink around to get the feel of it w/o having to safe.

    Love my X3, but hate early releases and bugs.
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    do you flash your car back to stock each time you go to put a different tune in the vehicle?

    It shouldl only save stock when the last operation was return to stock. I do not like having to do this, but what happens is people take their car into Ford for service, ford reflashes multiple modules that all have to work together, and if you put your old custom tune in the vehicle, your car won't start, and going back to stock you still will not start, since the modules won't communicate properly. To get around this, we save stock everytime you flash your vehicle back to stock.

    Unlike other tuners on the market, ours will go from performance tune to performance tune without having to reflash to stock.



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      Thanks for the reply. I have been flashing back to stock ever since I noticed it doing this. The problem is that it doesn't state this needs to be done anywhere in the manual, etc.

      So by not having that info, its most likely that my stock tune is actually a 92 race tune now.

      Again, after talking with James, he told me how to pull the stock tune off the tuner and send it to him, so he can look at the file and see what it really is.

      I understand what your saying about Ford. Each time I have went in, I told them to not flash the PCM and also let them know of my mods.

      No offense to you or anyone else at SCT, but I am still in AWE that this type of instruction is not noted when mentioning how to initially upload/download, etc.

      I am also clueless as to why there isnt an overwrite protection for the stock tune.


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        the tuner only resaves stock, after you flash back to stock, so you cannot overwrite your stock tune.

        You do not need to reflash back to stock, to change the files, so this is not mentioned in our instructions.

        You can send us your stock file, and we can verify that is it stock, but unless the device uploaded stock, when you did not flash back to stock, it should be your stock tune.



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          Originally posted by [email protected]
          the tuner only resaves stock, after you flash back to stock, so you cannot overwrite your stock tune.

          Not true, and thats the major problem. It saves stock file EVERYTIME. This is happening without me flashing it back to stock.

          Yes I know it does this when I flash it back to stock, but it shouldn't when I dont, and it IS...

          I have sent James my X3 unit info, so he can look into it.