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  • not recognizing car

    I ordered a X3 from

    I got the tuner and installed a pre-programmed tune instead of the custom one
    b/c I had just filled up the tank with 87. I changed the octane to
    87. As I scrolled thru the other options, some were blank and others had
    gibberish and weird characters in it( you know like if you open document in
    microsoft word that is not a word doc).

    When installing, it says "Uploading stock now preparing to download", then it
    freezes at 99%. I had to get the car serviced so I returned in to stock( may
    have already been stock b/c I noticed no differences in power). Now when I
    plug it in to install a tune, it says incorrect vehicle. I know the tuner
    locks to my VIN but this is the only vehicle I plugged it in on. Why does it
    not recognize my vehicle. It also says locked and 4 unlocks left under the
    device info.

    If i reformat the card like it says on the sct website, that will delete my
    custom tune right.

    Help please! thanks
    99 GT
    SLP LoudMouths
    18" Black Cobra Rims

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    You can always get your custom tunes again from whoever you bought it from, so go ahead and get a copy of them again and save them on your hard drive.

    Then you can do the procedure as is outlined and you will have your custom tunes right there on your hard drive to restore, using the LiveWire Updater software.

    Good luck!
    Mike Troyer
    Troyer Performance
    Performance Products, Inc.
    DBA Troyer Performance
    (540) 965-7123