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pro racer question-- mustang 4.6 high compression tune help

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  • pro racer question-- mustang 4.6 high compression tune help

    hey guys,
    My car is tuned with prp and i have 3 tunes. 93 octane, 100, and 106. anyway, I have made some mods to the car since the tune. I have added a vic jr manifold, a 6061 plenum and also a custom made very wide CAI. I already have my tunes for the previous set up, which is a 12.5:1 motor huge injectors, stage 3 heads and cams, etc. basically a fully done right forged na motor. My question is this, what variables do i need to change in the tune to take advantage of the new vi jr, plenum and cai? thanks in advance. I am new to tuning, and the previous mentioned tunes were done by an expert.

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    Without the ability to either data log or have wideband O2 data/readout, you will have no clue.
    '00 V-6 Mustang auto vert, 4.3L stroker, 9:1 CR, Crower billet crank and rods, 600 lift cam, 4-bolt main caps, 8mm valve stems, dual LS springs, ported heads, twin Garrett 3071s turbos, meth injection, twin GT Supercar pumps, Cobra tank, HPX slot MAF, 80mm throttle body, '04 KWZ2 PCM, custom upper and Freestar lower intakes, custom fuel lines & rails, ID-98 injectors, Dash-DAQ data logger, LMA-3 for RPM and boost