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  • pro racer package question

    If I purchase this software can I use it for my 95 that uses an sct chip and also a newer ford I have with the x3 device, or would I need to purchase 2 prp licenses to work on both of my cars?

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    buy the PRP then add an additional database for the 2nd vehicle.
    think its like 150 or so for an addiotional database.
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      thanks, do you know if they have a demo of the PRP software somewhere? Also I've seen dealers need a little usb dongle for it, does the end user one require the same? Is it really the same program the dealers use?


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        You'll get a dongle so you can run Advantage from any computer (it is loaded onto). It is largely the same program but Pro Racers do not have access to EVERY parameter or function that a dealer has. They pay more and they have to complete courses to be granted access to some of the "trickier" parameters (electronic throttle control, for example). Anyway, you will have plenty to do with the parameters given and if you need something specific, SCT can add it to your database.

        There used to be a demo on the main/home page, but I don't know if it is still functional.

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          I've completed a training course on efi tuning offered by Greg Banish in NY earlier this year, I just don't have any good hands on tuning experience, I need to sit down and play with it myself to feel comfortable with it, and theres not enough time in the 2 day class for me to become familiar enough with the software :D


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            Originally posted by jbeez
            thanks, do you know if they have a demo of the PRP software somewhere? ?
            There is a demo version of advantage 2.9 out on the web, but it's not a fair comparison to compare the demo 2.9 to the actual PRP 3.0 as they are vastly different programs.

            The demo version of 2.9 had programming for a winstar minivan and while it does show alot of the features it's not really anything special to look at.. AND by no means is it an accurate demo of the new software that uses the USB dongle.

            I have the demo, AND an actual working 2.9 version and a 3.0 version on my tuning laptop and by no stretch of the imagination are they close enough to "compare".

            for your 95 eec iv you would need the chip version of PRP 3.0 and you can add an additional vehicle that you own for 150.00, but you would also need an OBD2 flash device for your OBD2 car.

            When I got the PRP chip version is was right at 1100.00 (MSRP 995.00)
            Add the obd2 flash device (300ish dollars)
            add the second database (150ish dollars)

            1400ish dollars give or take a couple of hundred dollars.

            hope this helps

            P.S. I am really enjoying the 3.0 prp, it's well worth the money IMHO
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