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X4 datalogging and livelink II analog equations

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  • X4 datalogging and livelink II analog equations

    Ok, If I log to my notebook through the X4 I can properly configure the analog input equation, and if I log to the X4 device only It shows me the analog input and I have it configured so it shows A/F properly on the device
    But I can't seem to figure out how to log to the device, then upload to livelink and have the analog input correctly configured so it displays A/F ratio and not 0-5V.

    now I import, save close it, open it in excel, change it in excel, save it then open it in livelink again, there has to be an easier way :) can anyone help?

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    User Calculated PID - When you are in livelink viewing the run you imported from device, right click and add New Quick Calculated Item. Set up the formula to convert your voltage for the Analog channel into Air Fuel or Lambda. This is because the device is really only recording the raw voltage from the analog, not the converted value. So when imported it displays the raw voltage again.


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      So after I di that do I have to then export that config to the device again and use that for the next datalog? because I can't see how I can use that on the currently imported data, as soon as I get it to the view screen the data is gone