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    Originally posted by JC74
    ok, so I can use it on 2 different cars. It is just that I only have 5 unlocks, so if I tune one car, and then tune another I have used 2 unlocks. You said that if I return the car back to stock and then tune another car....what if I don't return the first car back to stock? can I still unlock it for another car? Is it possible to save the original tune from the car on my computer and then use it in the future? I guess I really don't want to drop double the money if I don't have too.
    Won't work on another car unless you go back to stock. You'll also need tunes for each car.
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      Unless you were only planning on using the device on the second car for a special event (parade, car show, wedding, etc.) I would say that you should definitely get one device for each vehicle that you intend to use it on with any regularity. Sometimes it's too much of a temptation to switch back and forth between vehicles and the next thing you know the unit is locked and can't be used again until it's sent in to us. Either way, just like Justin said, you would be getting a custom tune for each vehicle from one of our dealers.


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        2 step again

        I have an X Cal 2 for my 06 Mustang GT. I see that there is a 2 step option but i don't see this listed under optional parameters when I'm loading a tune, so I assume it needs to be unlocked. Is there a way for me to unlock this or do I have to call the dealer to have them do it?