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Help, 06 mustang ...Code P0171 & P0174 Motor Running Lean

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  • Help, 06 mustang ...Code P0171 & P0174 Motor Running Lean

    I had a small fender bender with my 06 Mustang to the front of the car. Enough to wreck the bumper but no damage to the hood, fenders, or radiator support.

    Since the accident the car dose not run correctly. It has a loss of power and sounds different. The car will not pull hard and really lags at 4000-5000 rpm.
    Some times when I shift I can feel the car lung forward for a split second when I release the gas pedal.

    We ran the codes on the car and came up with code P0171 & P0174 ….. bank1 & 2 running lean.

    We tried re tuning the computer with the X cal and clear the cods but they came back. We removed the intake and looked for leaks but found nothing. I also made sure to re set the fuel safety switch along the kick panel.

    We also did a visual check of the O2 sensors, they are clean with no build up of carbon on them, and there is no exhaust leaks. I also checked a plug on each bank and if anything the O2's and the plugs looked to clean.

    Is there a way to test the O2's with an ohm meter?????? How do I know if one is bad????

    By the way the car has an off road X pipe, pulleys, CAI, charge motion plates, 411 gears, and is re tuned for 93 octane on an X Cal. Everything ran fine for the last 6K miles since we did all the modifications. The car only has 8K miles on it.

    If there was something wrong with the sensor near the CAI,…….I don’t know its name, but it’s the one that monitors the air flow, air temp and other things. Would that cause what I am experiencing?????????

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    You probably already did this, but if it's running lean make sure there are no leaks around the CAI connections and tubing. Maybe the jolt pulled one of the connections loose.


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      That was the first thing I looked at. All clamps were tight, I pulled it appart and re installed and still I did not find anything.