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  • Ugrading Firmware

    Hey guys, I have a problem where I cannot and my tuner cannot upload files to my XCal 2 because we both get connection errors. I get "Cannot unlock device for download".

    Now, I tried to update the firmware and was unable to, probably because it's version 1.1 on the device. Is there any possible way to update this device myself? I'm quite computer savy and don't mind doing it a different way. I have tunes waiting to do on my car that I cannot put on because no one can upload tunes to this device. My tuner has no problem using new XCal's and I've tried two different computers with no luck.

    Thanks guys!

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    Anyone? I sent an email to SCT early last week too and no response as of yet.


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      Give them a dingle rather than relying on e-mail. You may have a bit of a wait on the phone but at least you'll get to speak to somebody.

      Phone number is 407-774-2447.

      Only other thing that I can suggest is a search for "firmware" and see what turns up. I recall other people had problems upgrading firmware but I don't remember the solution (sorry).


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        Thanks Chris, I'll give them a call later today.



        I gave them a call finally and the unit is going in for repairs. Phone support was very helpful. Thanks guys!

        EDIT 2:

        I received the unit back today and they were able to throw v1.14 firmware on the device. I can upload tunes, datalog and clear codes with no problem. Unfortunately when going to tune the car, I get an error message saying Power on Timeout error when I tells me to turn the key to the ON position. Key is in the ON position (fuel pumps prime, warning lights, etc) and I even threw a charger on the battery and measured 12.85v across the terminals with the key in the ON position. I guess I call tomorrow. So close!

        EDIT 3:

        I tried a known working XCal II on my car and it was able to detect when the key was turned on and gave the tuner locked message since this one was locked to another vehicle. Looks like this rules out my car/OBD II port as a problem. Oh well. Thanks for getting the device to work this far guys, just needs a bit more I think. Enjoy and holiday break and I'll give you a call after you guys get back.

        Final Edit:

        I got the tuner back today after the main board and cable were replaced. Works like a charm. Thanks for your patience in the matter SCT and getting my problem completely resolved.
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