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BDX compatibility with Ford

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  • BDX compatibility with Ford

    Is this wrong BDX for Mustang 2006? For some reason it doesn't accept tuning it, trying both preloaded and custom Tune.
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    So SCT team logged in and worked out this BDX and now it know the car, but here is another issue. The customer had X4 and we been doing datalog with no issues, now he is using BDX and some PIDs don't read data (the config file was made for by this car and PIDs been validated) also another funny thing is that I can't trust the data registered, using the same histogram been used before for datalog from X4 it's not working here, data don't match to the PIDs data it read (AEM) also the customer told me that the car is running lean and the PID AEM read fine to rich! again that car had nothing changed at it except from X4 to BDX. And yes, I had the same issue before with GTX! so is these devices supported? or where is the mistake here?
    Attached both datalog and the histogram (change the file extension to hst)
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