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"EFI Training Class" vs "Advanced Training Class"

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  • "EFI Training Class" vs "Advanced Training Class"

    It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion between the two classes I am currently teaching. I will try to clear some of this up here.

    First of all, there are TWO distinctly different classes I am teaching. Each class has its own target audience, merits, and limitations.

    The first class is my "Introduction to EFI Calibration" seminar. This class is open to the public and held at a variety of venues across the country. As the name implies, it is an introductory course that exposes you to the basics of engine tuning, sensor functionality, and general tuning strategy. The material presented here is more general and can be applied to many different control systems. We discuss both mass air and speed density systems, with examples taken from a handful of different popular systems. The class includes some live demonstrations, but the software used in these is not limited to SCT. A full description of this course can be found here:

    The second class is the "Advanced Ford Training Class". This class is currently only offered with registration through SCT, and is held at their facility in Longwood, FL. You will have to contact them for registration and dates. The material presented is intended for experienced tuners who already understand the basics. This class is very specific to the Ford control systems and does not discuss anything with regard to MAP-based speed density sytems, standalones, or other software packages. We use examples exclusively from the Ford tuning arena and labels are presented exactly as you would see them in SCT's software. Since this is an advanced class, we do not spend time learning how to navigate the basics. I also cover material that is not discussed in the "Introduction to EFI Calibration" course such as ETC, varible cam control, returnless fuel pump control, and Ford-specific transient fueling. It is not simply a more expensive version of the same material in the introductory course. A complete description of this course can be found here:

    So the Cliff's Notes version:

    "Introduction to EFI Calibration"
    Open to the public
    Various locations
    Basic materials apply to almost every EFI system

    "Advanced Ford Training Class"
    Intended for dealers
    Held at SCT
    Focus narrowed to only U.S. Ford systems
    Advanced topics within narrower scope

    Let the questions begin...
    Greg Banish
    Calibrated Success EFI Tuning - Training - Consulting
    Engine Management: Advanced Tuning