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    How critical is it to use the PCM code for your vehicle. I just realized I have been using the 05 93 octane tune as a base map for all the tuning I have been doing. My car is an 04. It flashes fine but I just wonder if that is affecting my work in some way.

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    doesn't seem to change much, i think mana4real flashed the stage 2 setting into is stock pcm

    and i have looked into 7 diferent pcm and the one ending with AE seem 1 of 2 that seems to be making sense, if you complain about this one, you should look the other one hahah, the axis value are very weird hihi
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      You can flash whatever on whatever. I would probably just suggest keeping the processor code from the same year. Like 05 has the battery temp sensor and such... Dunno if it really makes a difference. But that's what I would do.


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        Hmm, mines an 04 and it has a battery temp sensosr.

        You guys should check this out. Pull up the stage II tune and go to the file menu and do compare tunes. Pick out a tune you have used and run it. Look at that. There are a bunch of values missing from the tunes we have been using comparing them to the stage II flash. And it's not stuff that would be Stage II specific either.. Makes you wonder what the hell is going into your PCM. And what it's doing when there are values missing.

        So far the most complete PCM code I have seen is the Stage II code. How can this be?

        Seriously how can SCT be selling this when there is massive amounts of data missing?


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          There is no 'data missing'. Just because a parameter is not displayed in the software doesn't mean it's not in the raw file. If you see dashes in the compare window that means the values are the same between the two files, not that those values are blank.
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            you have to be carrefull with the compare function
            when you compare different pcm code, if the number of line is not the same
            they will not show up att all in the compare function

            stage 2 tend to have more points in the Y axis definition

            and you can't do dual edit either with different pcm code